Who Is Willy Loman's Past Affect Our Future?

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The past greatly affects our future whether we are aware of it at the moment or not. These actions may also be detrimental to our relationships with others and contribute to the way a person may act in the future. In the play The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller the main character, Willy Loman is being haunted with memories from his past that have harmed many of his relationships to his family acquaintances. At a young age Willy is abandoned by both his parents and brother. Willy’s fear of being abandoned again causes Willy to do actions that further isolate him from his family. Although Willy deceives himself into believing that he has a perfect life and family when, his past comes back to haunt him Willy’s relationship with his family is broken and he ultimately faces the reality of his past actions that cause others to abandon him. Being…show more content…
Willy is in need of constant reassurance that others will not leave him, whether it be family or friends. Being abandoned at a young age strikes up fear within Willy, which causes him to do actions that make others abandon him. Willy’s insecurity due to his fear of abandonment causes Willy to have an affair with another woman, but when Willy is caught he is filled with guilt and is not able to face the reality of his actions. He is also not able to face the fact that his son does not live up to his expectations and sees his son as a failure and himself as a failed father. Whether it be as big as being abandoned as a child or getting lost at the store as a child, past actions and experiences play a big role on how a person grows up to be. No matter how big or small this action is, it ultimately depends on how the person handles the situation and facing the reality of their

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