Who Killed Christopher Goodman Book Summary

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Based on a true event mixed with some fiction "Who Killed Christopher Goodman" written by Allan Wolf is based on a murder. Christopher Goodman the new kid from California that everyone likes, yet was murdered the night of Deadwood Days. The book is set to be late summer in a Virginia town in the year of 1979, everyone was excited for the upcoming Deadwood Days, but who would have thought that the night of the first day a high schooler would get murdered. Days before Deadwood Days Christopher moved into town and got to know Doc Chestnut, Squid Kaplan, Hunger McCoy, Hazel Turner, and Mildred Penny, he impacted each of the characters life one way or another. Goodman was the nice kid, even though he was a bit strange, he wore some crazy bell bottoms and would love to say the word "ennui", also he was always willing to lend a hand to whoever needed it.
Allan Wolf made the title of the book catch my attention along with summary, but the book is nothing to be like it sounds. I thought I would be trying to investigate out who actually killed Christopher, but …show more content…

One of my favorite things about this book is that it is based on a true crime and at the end of the book there is the kid’s poem about Christopher which is very touching. The book had many good parts to it. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that it actually was based on a true story, and it’s sad to learn that the nice kid was murdered. Another favorite part of mine was when Doc, Hunger, Mildred, Squib and Hazel went on a mission to dump a barrel of animal poop on a guy’s car, which Doc and Hunger did all the work and they even dumped some inside the car. “Now, let’s shake it. That’s it. Keep shaking. Make sure it goes under the seats, too.” (Wolf 174). The book also has some drugs mentioned in it which I don’t think is school appropriate, but I still think it was a very interesting book with some boring and depressing

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