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Noah Dominguez 9/17/15 Ss;2nd hour/Eng:3rd hour DBQ Reconstruction North or South. Who killed Reconstruction? Looking these ruins that still lay here, I just sigh with disbelief. In 1876, after winning the war, America was on a complete roll. Many stuff were being established such as railroads, buildings, and etc.. America seemed so full of happiness. America even created opportunities so that every American would pursue their dreams (Background Essay,Para.1). I bet the other countries, also, were astonished of how quickly we were growing. It all seemed we were gonna always be a “happy” country. Then something devastating happened, the election of 1876. (Background Essay,Para.1). That officially destroyed million of black Americans, who lived…show more content…
The Klu-Klux-Klan was a white supremacist group that opposed “Reconstruction” and equal rights for freed slaves (Hook Exercise). They, to my standards, really would do whatever it takes to stop Reconstruction, even if it meant killing innocent people for that. John W. Stephens, a former senator from Caswell, was brutally murdered by none other than the Klu-Klux-Klan in a Grand Jury room (Doc.A Par.1). John W. Stephens was stabbed five to six times then even hanged on a hook in the same jury room. As Albion Toruage quoted, “ Another brave, honest Republican citizen has met his fate at the hands of these fiends.” Then Abram Colby, a former slave who was elected to the Georgia State Legislature during Reconstruction,(Doc.B,Para. 1) was taking from his bed and into the woods to be whipped for more than 3 hours and left there to die. (Doc.B,Para.1) When being asked how the men looked like, he stated, “ One is a lawyer, one a doctor, and some are farmers.” The Klu-Klux-Klan tried to bribe him by offering $5,000,if only, he was willing to join them. (Doc.B,Para.2) They also bribed him with another $2,500 if he let another man take his place for legislature. (Doc.B,Para.2)Colby, not taking this risk, denied both of the offers and quotes, “ I would not do it if they would give me all the country was worth.” For the…show more content…
As I have stated already, the main reasons were that they [Klu-Klux-Klan] were killing and brutally murdering black politicians, or even, any random citizen who was either for the “Reconstruction” . The other reason I stated was that they brought to many problems to themselves, that the “Northern Neglect” did not feel like they should be responsible for that. Tens of thousands people who live here all blame the ‘Northern Neglect” for this cause that was once beautiful. If only they would hear my argument on why I believe in what we did to them was very horrible,we were killers. They are just holding a deaf ear, but we can come to conclusion that it was our fault for this act that was once supposed to be a way to make America a land of opportunities, but instead turned it to a land of

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