Who Killed The Shadows Analysis

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The events in Who killed the shadows? takes place in Anatolia in 1330, but the movie have serious problems in terms of historical accuracy and representation. However, it is one of relatively few movies that used 14.century Anatolia (Beyliks period) as the background, and interpreted the period in a different manner from that of other historical dramas of the same period. It seems that the members of the movie crew, who were responsible for the historical search about the period, researched some historical details and characters. Despite the defects and irregularity of the movie in terms of historical accuracy, it can be claimed that the movie was successful in some ways in representing the life of the nomads and of urban population in the 14. century of Anatolia. First of all, it is unclear whether Karagöz and Hacivat ever lived or not. Also, there are different opinions about where and when they lived, and the shadow play came in Anatolia. The…show more content…
Kadı Pervane character in the movie is a most likely fictional equivalent of the vizier of Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, Pervane Muineddin. When the life of Pervane Muineddin is researched, it is not too hard to estimate that Pervane Muineddin inspired the scenarist to create Kadı Pervane character. He represents an example of corrupted old Seljuk bureaucracy and tries to move away from politically divided central Anatolia hinterland and to find a new position in a newly founded frontier state. Anonymous Ottoman chronicles indicates the arrival and appearance of qadıs and scholars, but mostly at the time of Murat I and Bayezid the Thunderbolt, and these chronicle writers are mostly accused of qadıs and scholar due to oppression and corruption in the country. Therefore, the arrival of a qadı from the Seljuk hinterland to Ottoman frontier state is possible in terms of the historical context of the early
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