Who Really Killed Tupac Shakur?

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Who really killed tupac shakur? Did he fake his own death and go to cuba? Did the illuminati kill him? Tupac shakur was born in new york city in in 1971 and he had a rough childhood. His parents were very active in the black panthers organization and while his mother was in prison she was pregnant with him. When he was born tupac was exposed to a lot of violent things at a very young age. His album “against the world” was one of his most successful albums reaching double platinum the U.S. but sadly his career came to a tragic end he he was killed in a drive by shooting hitting him two time in the chest, one time in the arm and one time in the thigh. He died from his injuries 6 days later at a hospital in Las vegas. The general public think…show more content…
A bavarian professor by the name of Adam Weishaupt created the secret group. He thought to get things his way he needed to create his own secretive group and have powerful people that see the same things as himself. The secretive group started with 5 members at first but after a few years it started, the illuminati became one of the biggest political forces across the world. Some people think that the quick success of the illuminati was because of the meeting with Adam Weishaupt and and one the most powerful occultist of all time, a man named…show more content…
It was numerous cover-up pertaining tupac’s death but they just don 't add up to how he died and they kind of make sense. One of the main things people say when somebody bring up tupac’s death is orlando anderson killed him. After the boxing match with mike tyson and bruce sheldon. The rival gangs ,crips and bloods, got into a fight in the lobby of MGM Grand. Tupac and suge knight were both bloods and they assaulted orlando anderson because a crip robbed a fellow death row record associate. But anderson always denied that he had anything to do with tupac’s deathand he was never charged for it. On a documentary called “murder rap inside the tupac and biggie murders” a man named greg kading who was a form LAPD cop said that P.Diddy paid a crips gang member 1 million dollars to duane keefe to kill tupac. On the documentary keefe said that diddy said that he’ll do anything to have tupac’s and knight’s head. Combs also said that he had nothing to do with the death of tupac. People believe that he is alive and he’s in cuba with his aunt. When he was shot tupac they did the autopsy in a day and he was quickly cremated. Thats weird because it wasn 't no funeral, no memorial or no tribute from his family or anything. Kind of suspect. Suge knight is an unlikely suspect giving that he was actually in the car with tupac the bullets could have easily hit him also. But there are constant rumors stating that knight had something to do with his murder. Knight owed tupac 3 million

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