Who Said The Quote In Romeo And Juliet

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Who said the quote?
What is the text?
“Despised substance of divinest show! Just opposite to what thou justly seemst! A damned saint, an honourable villain!

“Blistered by thy tongue for such a wish! O what a beast was I to chide at him!”

This quote is said by Juliet after the Nurse tells her that Romeo killed Tybalt. Shakespeare uses this oxymoron to show that Juliet is immature and can’t make up her mind about whether or not she loves Romeo. She says “damned saint” which is an oxymoron because saints are usually heavenly, but damned refers to hell and dark things. In the first quote Juliet is upset that Romeo killed Tybalt, but in the next quote, a few lines later, she says that she was wrong for insulting him and saying bad things about him. She says these two quotes because she is confused and loves both Romeo and Tybalt, but she doesn’t know if she should be upset with Romeo or stay on his side. This is also foreshadowing because it shows that their relationship has many problems and it shows that it probably won’t last too long and will end in tragedy.

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He is telling Romeo that he should love moderately and take his time in relationships because he becomes obsessed too quickly. For example, before Romeo went to the Capulet party, he was depressed and sad because he loved Rosaline and she didn’t love him. He loved her because she was beautiful and he didn’t love her for the person she was inside. After Romeo met Juliet he forgot about Rosaline, and thought he loved Juliet, and immediately went to the Friar the next day to ask if he can get them married. Friar advises Romeo to love moderately or else it will end in tragedy and violence. This quote is foreshadowing tragedy because Romeo and Juliet both die at the end. It is also ironic because the Friar is correct about the relationship not ending since they
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