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Who Is Legally Allowed To Use Spy Technology? Legality is a big issue when it comes to the use of Spy Applications. Since spy applications are pretty much made to be intrusive in nature, only a limited number of people are legally authorized to use them and still there are some sorts of legal, ethical and moral boundaries attached to that legal authority as well. Therefore, whatever good reason you might have for using it, you are not allowed to use it legally unless you are: • Worried Parents Parents have a certain authority over their children and are legally allowed to monitor them since they usually are the ones that buy the cellphone and the computer the child is using. This makes the said electronic devices the property of the parent and they can do…show more content…
Yet, there are some instances where there is a fine line between its legal and illegal use. Most spy app users already walk on the edge when it comes to it use, for example, parents cannot use spy apps to monitor their kids once they turn 18. Similarly, business owners cannot place bugs and trackers or install spy apps onto an employee’s private smartphone, automobile or computer. In another instance, where use of spy apps may seem to be legal is the one between spouses and partners. Its legally is debatable between married couples since they have a legal right and ownership of one another. On the other hand when it comes to a relationship between unmarried partners that do not have any right over the other in the eyes of law, it might be illegal to use spy apps in cases like these. The Bottom Line There is a fine line between right and wrong when it comes to the use of spy applications. Where in one instance the use may be legal, with the change in a single variable what once was legal main turn into something punishable by law. Therefore, the best thing one can do in a situation like this is to analyze their situation from every angle before investing in spy

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