Who Started The Trojan War Essay

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Who started the Trojan War?
“Legend has it that the war got its start at the only wedding between a goddess and a mortal, Thetis and King Peleus,” (Worth-Baker). Some people blame Aphrodite for starting the war, some blame Helen, Eris, Paris, and even Zeus. Who was the one who actually started the Trojan War? It was Paris who started the war. Some might say Paris only judge for the fairest goddess, how could he start the war. Don’t forget that the judgment of Paris led to conflict between the Olympians. Moreover, this judgement also led to the great war between the men, Trojan War. Throughout the war, many of the gods and goddesses favored one side or the other. This is not everything he did, he also did one more thing that was the main cause of this war. The main cause of this war took place when Aphrodite blew Paris’ ship to Sparta to meet Helen, wife of King Menelaus. After Paris got there, he followed what Aphrodite told him to do, go to court of Menelaus to get Helen. They both met and fell in love with each other and decided to go to Paris’ home, Troy even though Helen is married to King Menelaus whom she has never loved. So Aphrodite favored this couple with the gentle winds to send them home on the day that Menelaus was away in Crete. After King Menelaus came back from Crete and found out that Helen
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And King Menelaus of Sparta decided to fight to get Helen back. Even King Menelaus decided to fight and start the war, but he can’t be blamed for defending the honor of his wife and himself. But for the one who knew that Helen is married, but still want her to be his wife and caused King Menelaus’ anger could be blamed for the cause of the war or for the one who started the war between the men. So Paris, the shepherd and son of Queen Hecuba and King Priam of Troy, started the Trojan
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