Who Still Believes In The American Dream Analysis

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The American dream is a flawed ideology that entices people to come to America with the assumptions that everything is greater over here yet somehow it feels outdated. People make America seem like it's full of freedom, equality, and it's the home of the self-made man where the open road calls your name when you want a change of scenery. The American dream is a complex idea which forces people to take a long hard look at their own ideals and self-morals. The American dream is normally depicted as a straight married couple in which the men works a 9-5 job and the wife stays in the house who takes care of the needs of the family. They have two children normally one boy and one girl along with a dog with a command name such as Rex as they live in a heavily suburban area with a white picket fence. In…show more content…
In one specific picture of a woman named Chaka it shows her with her hands on her head with a serious stern expression on her face. Yet the look on her face can also be seen and interpreted as an expression of acceptances of the hard curl reality she is forced to live in especially considering she says “I don’t believe in the American dream anymore. Nothing comes by just being here. You got to focus on bettering yourself and your family, by hard work and education. Be yourself, be true to you, not some dream, but you”(Chaka). This refutes the idea that America is “the land of endless opportunities” because most people have the preset notion that by just coming to America you will be gifted with endless opportunities and everything will come easy to you. In a scene they believe in the parable “it's always greener on the other side”, yet they don’t understand that once you come to America you still have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work hard in order to make a successful life full of those
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