Zeus's Family: Who Stole My Authority

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Who Stole My Authority In Zeus’s family, the most important and conspicuous is the power, by which they can rule the other parts of the world. By that kind of matter, it is not hard to understand that why Zeus took every effort to keep his dominance whenever with an apprehension that his authority was offended by others, for there was a curse adhered him all his life. It might sound that Zeus’ family was in a total mess. However, that kind of mess was exactly where this family had lived in. The curse was spelled by Zeus’ grandfather, Uranus, the initial God of earth. As the son and husband of the earth goddess, Gaia, Uranus abused his power and did nothing but bred. That’s why his youngest giant son, one of the twelve Titan gods, Cronus abominated and betrayed him with permission from Gaia. The twelve Titans, including Prometheus and Epimetheus, were half males and the other half females, in which there was a goddess, called Rhea married with his Cronus. The siblings and spouses definitely…show more content…
In China, being an emperor means having total domination and authority to control the whole realm, however he likes and whenever he wants, the emperor of a dynasty almost could do everything. That’s why ancient China had so many dynasties lasted for several hundred years. Because Chinese dynasts can’t stand to live without power and authority, they thought that they were beyond everything else in the world, which led they were ultimately replaced by violence and betrayals. Mighty Qing Dynasty was conquered by its own blind confidence in itself, for not realized that its power had been stolen by foreign countries. On the contrast, when the feudal society was challenged by normal people in British, King of Britain made compromises with those who intended to take his authority. Monarchs gave up their powers and rights to the Parliament, instead admitting that they were

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