Who Was Andrew Jackson A Good President?

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If you were to look up the word great in the dictionary you’d get “of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average,” which I feel, seems to define Andrew Jackson as a president. Jackson had grown up with very little as opposed to other presidents. He was poorly educated and at a young age he preferred to focus on other things, horse-racing and cockfighting, as opposed to going to school. Unlike past presidents, who had all come from wealthy or moderate backgrounds and were all well educated, Jackson was able to rise up from what little he had, the bottom of the social structure of society. He knew he wanted to be something more, and despite his background, he began to teach himself to read and write. Jackson had a powerful writing style, and he could speak eloquently he began to become more focused on his studies, forced himself through school, and became a lawyer. He was a great commander, general, militia leader, lawyer, senate, hero amongst the common man, and president. He possessed a strong will and drive, a commanding presence, and a personality that reflected his strength. In the Battle of New Orleans, Jackson and his rag-tag army were able to hold out British troops from gaining any access into the southern territories of Louisiana and western Florida. British troops who made a massed assault ,…show more content…
He was one to rise above and set expectations, to prove to others that he could do whatever task he was given. He wasn’t one to stand by and allow others to push him around. Jackson wasn’t someone who gave up when the going got tough. He didn’t care what others had to say, because again, a good leader doesn’t follow the crowd. They do what they feel is right, even if it means standing alone. Throughout his presidency Jackson shows all of these characteristics. Which helps me come to the conclusion that Jackson really was a good

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