Who Was Joseph Gideon A Hero

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Many heroes seem distant and unrelatable to average people. They may give an impression that they have extraordinary characteristics that allowed for them to be exceptional. However, these gallant figures possess many of the same strengths and flaws as any other person. Of all of the individuals we have studied thus far, I have the most similarities with Joseph, Gideon, and Ruth. Through them, I am able to understand how even ordinary people can become heroes for God. Joseph can be described as a hero because of his compassionate and forgiving heart. He was not one to seek revenge and was willing to relinquish any hatred he had for the people who had wrong him. Joseph understood that holding on to resentment harmed only himself. When a devastating famine struck the middle-eastern world, Joseph’s family was pressured into coming to Egypt, where he had become a powerful ruler. Long before, his brothers had…show more content…
He started off a fearful man who doubted his own ability and the mighty power of God. Gideon often needlessly worried whether or not He would be able to provide for him and sinfully demanded evidence guaranteeing His support. When he was tasked by God to lead thousands of soldiers against the Midianites, who commonly raided the Israelites, Gideon was doubtful. He was convinced that he “was [not] the right person to lead [the troops] into battle … so [he] demanded another sign that God would be with him, ... [evidently showing how] his faith was faltering” (MacArthur, Gideon and Samson 71). Similar to Gideon, I do not consider myself as faithful to the Lord as is expected from me, frequently questioning if He would assist me during onerous times. However, by discovering the relation, I have come to understand that not all heroes must start off valiant and fully trusting in God. At first, Gideon was driven by his fear, but he developed and realized that he could rely on
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