Who Was Killed In Elie Wiesel's Night

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In the book Night, you learn the true horrors of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrible event that occurred during WWII. It dehumanized millions of people and took away their human rights. They were forced out of their homes. They were beaten, tortured and killed.
One right that was taken away was Article 5. Article 5 is no one should be punished in a cruel way. This was clearly broken because many people were starved, beaten and punished in many other cruel ways. In the book, an example of this is, “I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip.” (page 57). At this moment, Elie is being lashed with a whip. He is being punished in a cruel, degrading way.
Another right that was broken was Article 9. Article 9 is no one should be forced to leave or be exiled. An example of this
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Article 13 is everyone should be able to leave their country and be able to come back. This right was broken many times because they were forced to stay put and then they were forced out of their homes and not allowed to go back. An example is, “First edict: Jews were prohibited from leaving their residences for three days, under penalty of death.” (page 10)
Article 17 was broken. Article 17 is everyone should be able to own property, and it can’t be taken away. An example from the book is, “A Jew was henceforth forbidden to own gold, jewelry, or any valuables.” (page 10). Article 10 is broken because their property was taken away from them, and they aren’t able to own property afterward.
The last right that was broken was Article 18. Article 18 is about the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. An example of this is, “ Every Jew had to wear the yellow star.” (page 11). The Jews were disrespected many times because of their religion. The camps they were sent to broke many Human Rights. Nobody should have to experience what they did. Millions of Jews were killed for no reason other than the fact that they were blamed for
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