Percy Grainger: A Great Composer

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Imagine that your a great composer! You made amazing songs, then listen to their first performance! Your filthy rich and you have a huge collection of folk music! This man was Percy Grainger, he made multiple big hits that spread across the world! His music was quite an influence towards many new songs! Percy Grainger was a composer, that didn’t have the best early life, but had many experiences in many countries! His father, and mother weren’t the best, but he had em’. He was born in Melbourne, Australia on July 8, 1882 to John Grainger and Rose Annie Aldridge. His mom and dad divorced around the young age of 7! This lead to his mother raising John Grainger by herself! Her mother was a major influence in his life. According to the article,…show more content…
What next? In 1914, World War 1 broke out! He left England, with his mother, and settled in the U.S.A! According to the Article, “After a few tours of the country and many concerts over two years and having applied for the citizenship there, Grainger joined the U.S army as bandsman in Coast Artillery Corps. It was during this tenure that Grainger set to tune the piece ‘Country Gardens’, the work that tends to be associated with him more than any other works of his. In June 1918, Grainger became a naturalized U.S. citizen.” The years following war, showed as Percy Grainger’s best. He was performing up to 120 concerts a year! He even lead a class in the piano technique at the Chicago Musical College. In 1921, he set up his residence in White Plains, New York and stayed there for the rest of his life! Sadly, his life started going down hill. His mother’s health was deteriorating. (going downhill.) His mother took her life in April 30, 1922, she committed suicide by jumping off a building. This hit Percy hard, but allowed him to have a relationship that his mother won't mess up. He then got married in 1928. In the early 1920’s and late 1930’s, Grainger took up many projects in his role as an educationist. He even served as a professor at New York Academy for a year! According to the article, “ During this tenure, he did his best to introduce the students to a wide range of ancient and modern works. However, it was not a happy association…show more content…
Percy Grainger died at White Plains on February 20th, 1961. He died from the strongest of them all, cancer. In 1960 he did his last concert. Though, Percy Grainger had many feats during his life! He did a busy schedule of 140 concerts a year! He had 100’s of songs! He made many songs like, Mock Morris and The Inuit. A museum named “The Percy Grainger Museum” was made to show artifacts from him, even personal ones, and most importantly his works and philosophy! In conclusion, Percy Grainger was an amazing composer that influenced many people, under many others influences. He collected many folk songs, and composed many songs! He pretty much went around the world spreading his songs! Now, if you were back in the 1900’s would you listen to Percy

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