Who Was Responsible For Andrew Carnegie's Downfall

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During Andrew Carnegie's life, life he was blamed for many things. Like treating his workers like pieces of machinery instead of people. Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835 to a poor scottish family and forged his way to the top using the steel industry. He was taught the ways of business by Thomas Scott who told him to invest in certain companies to make money. He then used that money to build his first steel mill the Homestead steel mill. He then went on the build many other steel mills across the united states, completely dominating the steel industry. He was commonly known to mistreat his workers and only care about profits and his machines. His factory environments were awful and the conditions were harsh. Andrew Carnegie was…show more content…
He hired abominable people to manage his steel mills, and he took absolutely no responsibility and didn't care what they did to his employees. For example, he hired Henry Frick as a manager for the Homestead Mill in Virginia. The mill wasn’t making money, so Frick lowered wages and increased hours to attempt to save it. The workers revolted to the managers completely unfair treatment and locked themselves inside the mill. Frick hired the Pinkertons, a private army, to attack the workers. The Pinkertons fired upon the workers, and many of the workers tried to run many were shot and severely injured and nine were killed in this demonstration of profits over people attitude. One worker that survived the strike said “It was a place of torment. Men were lying around wounded and bleeding and piteously begging for someone to give them a drink of water, but no one dared to give them a drop, although water was all around us…” Often workers would say that if Carnegie knew what was going on inside his mills, he would be horrified. In reality, he was well aware of what went on and just didn’t care. Andrew Carnegie treated his workers horrible and in result was an unjust person, and was an awful, greedy, and treated people like
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