Who Was Responsible For Edgar Allan Poe's Death

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The Death of Edgar Allan Poe How do you think Poe die? There are different reasons and thoughts on how he actually died. Such as, rabies or alcohol. Some people even believe that we will never really know the real answer to how Poe died. However, I believe he died from rabies. This cause of death is very logical and has many different pieces of evidence to support it. "Dr. Benitez said, but by the next day was perspiring heavily, hallucinating, and shouting at imaginary companions." (Benitez) Hallucinations are one of the main psychological symptoms of rabies. (Google PDF) Poe didn 't drink alcohol and had an extremely difficult time swallowing water. This is a sign of hydrophobia. Furthermore, Poe became very belligerent during his final days.
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