Who Was Responsible For Gatsby's Downfall

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The downfall of Gatsby was caused by no other than Gatsby himself, he had wealth and respectable name that people throughout west egg praised. Gatsby was loved by all for his lavish parties, making sure everyone had a good time especially Daisy, Gatsby loved Daisy. Gatsby's was responsible for his downfall because he couldn't tell the difference between illusion, romance and reality When Gatsby returned home from the war he thought that to win daisy’s hand he would have to be rich. Gatsby bought a mansion so he can be right across the bay from her, but there is one problem though she is married to Tom Buchanan. Gatsby loved Daisy, saying she was the first “nice” girl he had ever met (Fitzgerald 148).Tom confronts Gatsby questioning he went to oxford and how he gets money, since Gatsby doesn’t tell people very much, argument breaks out and it ends with Gatsby telling tom she never loved you, she loves me (Fitzgerald 130). Gatsby should just forget about…show more content…
Daisy had moved on from Gatsby by marrying tom and having a child which Gatsby cannot accept. Gatsby relives the moments before going to war, believing that the love daisy had for him can come back. Nick tries to convince him that he cannot repeat the past but Gatsby fails to realize leading to his down fall Gatsby's fatal flaw was that he couldn't distinguish between illusion, romantic and reality. Gatsby wanted to create a name for himself so he did whatever he can to fit Jay Gatsby into his dreams. Gatsby's could not understand that wealth isn't all to a man, he believed that man were respected upon wealth, Gatsby failed to understand that and he spent his whole life trying to impress one girl but all failed with his

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