Who Was Responsible For Jfk Assassination

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Many people have different conspiracies on who killed and how they killed the president of their time, John F. Kennedy. Some think that it was one guy named Oswald, some believe that it was the mobs, people also think it was the government. No one has exact proof of what happened that day or who killed him, but here is my conspiracy based off of facts that I have gathered and if I think that it was only Oswald that was in on it. If we go a few weeks back before the assassination occurred, evidence states that Oswald and Jack Ruby were seen at a nightclub two weeks before the president was assassinated. Could they have been planning their plot? I think that Oswald was somehow partnered with Jack Ruby for the assassination because facts also state that people had seen a couple of men disassembling a gun earlier that day. That could've been Oswald and Jack Ruby. Other evidence states that Oswald was in the School Book Depository caught with a two foot wide bag in his hand. The gun was three feet long. That explains why two men, that could've possibly been Oswald and Ruby, were disassembling a gun earlier so that they could fit the gun in the bag for Oswald or Ruby…show more content…
Another man named Christian David said that three men were hired to assassinate JFK. If we think that Oswald and Ruby were in on it, then who was the third person? Well, this could easily be your answer. Some people thought that it could have been a man dressed as a police/ FBI worker because of the smoke from the gun coming from his direction. Fifty people say that the shots came from behind them at the Grassy Knoll not far from the School Book Depository, so this could show you evidence that the shots could've really come from the Depository. JFK had to have been facing towards the Depository because doctors say that the bullet when through the front of his head because the entrance hole and the back of his head was blown
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