Who Was Responsible For Kennedy's Assassination

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On November 22, 1963 America’s beloved 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated right in front of the world’s eyes. He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas and died at Parkland Memorial Hospital. He was struck in the head and neck and fell towards the left to Mrs. Kennedy, there wasn’t much the hospital could do for President Kennedy when he arrived so Mrs. Kennedy had them call in a Catholic priest and the did his last rites and President Kennedy was declared dead at 1:00 pm that day. Why was President Kennedy assassinated? Nobody really knows. There are conspiracy theories everywhere and they’re all different. One says the mafia is responsible for his death and the man that killed him, we’ll call him by his last name Oswald, was just a “patsy”. The theory says that the mafia hired them so they wouldn’t have to get dirty, then 2 days later; Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby who some people considered a hero for killing Kennedy’s assassin. There…show more content…
It’s the president; of course it changed the world. He was shot and killed right in front of America. Ways that it changed the world, it’s when Television surpassed all of the newspapers, I’m guessing people wanted live coverage of the event instead of reading about it in the newspaper. This is also when everybody’s theories started about the assassination and they call this time period “the conspiracy era”. Like I said up there, everybody has their own theory and some of them make sense as to the Vice president killing him to become president. His assassination also caused a permanent distrust within the people of their own federal government; the federal government couldn’t even catch the right assassin that killed their beloved president, John F. Kennedy. It also changed our troops in Vietnam, Kennedy wanted a lot of troops over there for a strong military presence, and many people say if he would’ve lived we wouldn’t be where we are now with
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