Who Was Responsible For The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

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De’lizce Blue Assassination paper 9th grade lit Dr. marks 3a The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was unjustified because he was faulted because he signed the Emancipation proclamation, sought to liberate the states, and he made the confederate surrender the civil war. However the confederate found his actions threatening and took his life. Some confederate sympathizers believed Lincoln violated the constitution by his role in abolishing slavery. John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham lincoln for liberating all races. Booth assassinated president Lincoln t at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C in 1864. The 16th president was assassinated for doing his job. The assassination was unjust because he was so great to his country. By preserving the union during the civil war. Which eventually led to the freeing of the slaves ; the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln was also praised for his exceptional speeches and letters as he was a very humble man. Abraham Lincoln also had so many endured challenges he had to face during the civil war. He had to carry generals who were not ready for battle , many assassination threats , and huge losses of soldiers from his union during battle.Lincoln didnt deserve to die because , Even threw all these…show more content…
Booth thought slaves should not get freedom , and freeing them would ruin the south forever. But Lincoln disagreed , because he thought it was morally wrong. Although he thought it was wrong , Lincoln didn’t believe that blacks should have the same equality as whites. Lincoln’s views of black political and social rights became clear when Senate Stephen Douglas , accused him for supporting “ Negro Equality”. He then went to say he only approved blacks the right to vote , the right to serve on juries , and to hold office and intermarry with whites. “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for
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