Who Was Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The real reasons that killed Romeo and Juliet “ There was never story more full of misery than this tale of Romeo and Juliet” This tear-jerking love story is known for its, tragic and devastating ending. The long going feud between the houses, keeping the lovers apart, causing the story to fall into a downward spiral that led to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. All this misfortune led to Romeo drinking the vial of poison, and Juliet piercing her skin with his dagger just to follow her beloved. The death of the two star-crossed lovers is often mistaken for a choice that they made on their own. Even though Romeo and Juliet took their lives on their own will, fate and the long lasting family feud is to blame for the tragic death of the two star-crossed lovers. The major falling-out of Romeo and Juliet was all caused by the long lasting family feud and also fate. Most people, that read the story or only hear of the story, are led to believe that their deaths are their fault, and no one else had a part in it since they took their own lives. But if they were to take a deeper look into the story line and plot, it would open their eyes to all the possible reasons to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. This selection of writing is from a different aspect and it about how it is the fault of fate and the family feud that caused the deaths of the two.…show more content…
The story that made many cry and a lot of students think deeper into the story than most, has a lot more meaning and a deeper reasons to every line that Shakespeare wore. There are many reasons for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and this short writing only covered two. Even though they took their lives without any influence from anyone other than themselves, it was the long lasting family feud and fate that killed Romeo and
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