Who Was To Blame For Julius Caesar Essay

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Before the murder of Caesar, Cassius fought as a quaestor under Marcus Licinius Crassus at Carrhae in fifty three B.C. He supported Pompey against Caesar, but was pardoned after the battle of Pharsalus. Cassius was made peregrine praetor and Caesar promised to make him governor of Syria. Cassius was the ring leader in the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. Many people believe Cassius is the evil master mind behind the death of Julius Caesar, however every one blames Brutus, but it was Cassius. Cassius is responsible because he got everyone involved through manipulation. People cannot blame one man for the actual death of Caesar, but one can blame the man that set it up.

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Caesar most likely would have become one of the most prosperous leaders of Rome. If Antony was also killed like Cassius wanted I believe Cassius would have started a rise to power that would lead to everything he said he was trying to prevent.

Overall Cassius did more bad then good he manipulated his friends, allies he killed someone he said he loved, he lied to get revenge, and he killed out of greed. Brutus said he asked for money from Cassius to pay for his troops when you are about to go to war you do not help

pay for an allies troops when they need it. You also don’t lash out and say you are better than your ally when you should be planning for the pressing battle.

There is a lot of foreshadowing involving Cassius such as the scenes about the death of Caesar and his own death. When he says he would rather die than be a slave foreshadows him taking his own life. There is also foreshadowing in Caesars death, the soothsayer tells him to beware of the day he dies and Calpurnia’s dream is foreshadowing as well. Metaphors and similes are also used when Cassius compares Caesar to a titan and Antony compares Cassius to a hunter hunting a deer when he was plotting to kill

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