Who Was To Blame For The South's Failure?

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It was the South’s fault because of the KKK. “He was foully murdered by the Ku-Klux in the Grand Jury room of the Court House on Saturday… He was stabbed five or six times, and then hanged on a hook in the Grand Jury room.” The KKK is killing government officials just to make a statement. “I say to you plainly that any member of Congress who, especially from the South, does not support, advocate, and urge immediate active and thorough measures to put an end to these outrages… is a coward, a traitor, or a fool.” Some people believe that it’s the North’s fault because of government frauds and scandals. “I hope to get to the bottom soon.” Scandals and frauds are not a big reason why. It is still a good reason but not the most important one.…show more content…
In the middle of the town 2 Southerners were holding a black guy at gunpoint. “Of Course he wants to vote the Democratic ticket.” The thing that makes everything worse is that other Southerners weren’t doing anything. Some people knew that it was bad but was too scared to say anything because they thought that they would be targeted also. The KKK had so much power and most of it was from fear not because they liked them or believed in what they stood for. On the other hand the North thought that the blacks were unfit for politics and that they need to forget about the conditions of how slavery was. “The blacks, as a people, are unfitted for the proper exercise of political duties… The rising generation of… blacks needed a period of probation and instruction; a period… long enough for the black to have forgotten something of his condition as a slave and learned much of the true method of gaining honorable subsistence and of performing the duties of any position to which he might aspire.” The North thinks that the blacks are unfit for politics but in the South the blacks are being held at gunpoint. The Reconstruction was about helping blacks not killing
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