Who Will Save The Behavior Sibling Analysis

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Ethics means doing the right action is based on fulfilling rights and duties. Gretchen Peters song “Independence Day”, Hernando Tellez excerpt “Lather and Nothing Else”, and Maura Dickey’s article “Who Will Save the Savior Sibling?” all support the ethics definition of fulfilling rights: duties by killing the father in “Independence Day” because it's virtually justice: by not killing Captain Torres in “Lather and Nothing Else” because it’s virtually sacrifice: By having savior sibling in “Who Will Save the Savior Sibling?” consequently, if the parents didn’t the parents would then have to watch their kids die. Initially, the mother should have killed the father because virtuously justice should happen. Gretchen Peters song “Independence Day” persuades abused victims because being hit over and over again, fight or flight mode kicks in to try and survive. A daughter watches mother get abused. In lines three and four it states “she tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ again….but daddy left the proof on her cheek” (3,4). It proves the mother was beaten by the father and the daughter is affected by it. Fight or flight is a response in the brain when in a dangerous situation, it will kick in when a person or loved ones are in harm's way. Saving themselves and loved ones are the only thing going through a person's mind when the situation presents itself.…show more content…
Hernando Tellez persuades revolutionists in the excerpt “Lather and Nothing Else”, does a person go against his/her morals because during war people are tempted to do actions that are wrong. A revolutionist deciding to know kill. The excerpt states “No one deserves to be the sacrifice that turns other people into murderers. What is to be gained by it? Nothing.” (3). It proves that the barber is against taking someone's life. Not every person can take another human's life. Moral judgement plays a role in decision
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