Advertisement Analysis Of 'Whole Blends'

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In todays society there are tons of different ads for people to watch. With these ads they might just look like a normal ad to you, But what most consumers don’t know, is there is a hidden factor that affect what we see. Advertisers are hired to try and miss lead people into relating with the ad. Like for instance in this “Whole Blends” ad they say luscious formula with the essence of royal jelly, honey, and propolis. The advertisement uses this saying to appeal to people wanting to live the lavish life style. In this “Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo” ad there are a lot of visually appealing aspects. The first thing that sticks out in this ad is the bold “Whole blends”. Also when looking at the word “Whole Blends” The o in whole is in the shape…show more content…
With all the words there are a few sentences, but most are short, one to two words.With these words they are just stating things that the shampoo will prove you if you buy the product that they are selling. The ad also tells what some of the things that they used to make the shampoo. With this ad they also use the weasel word “new”. Even know the advertisement says the product is new docent mean its completely new. This is because “An advertiser can call a product new if there has been a material functional change in the product”(128). This means all they have to do is add a new ingredient or even change the container just a little.The word helps this ad by just putting the word new it drives more people to want this product because it’s new and different compared the competition. The ad also has the words treasures on the bottle. By having the word treasure makes the consumer think the shampoo is worth more. Also right under the word treasures is the word royal. By having the word royal on the ad gives people false hope by making them think this product can make you fell like you living the high class life style. “Advertisements also tells us who we are and who we should be”(101). By having the word royal makes us think we are royal and deserve this product. The whole beads ad also says it is blended for natural beautiful hair. This appeals to the consumer because it make them think there hair is natural and

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