Whole Foods Case Study Essay

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4 Loyalty appears to be in great force at Whole Foods out of the seven moral principles. Whole-food excellence and committing to honor each individual and their individuality has something to do with trust. The company admires those who are eager to consume knowledge and state their opinions on certain topics. Whole Foods take pride in each person’s background. They treat all employees equally and respect each other as human beings. Also, Whole Foods keeps the Public’s trust by initiating compassion, quality, and by making decisions that benefit their welfare in the community. When seeing each person as an asset it helps to treat them with dignity and kindness (Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, A., 2013). These moral principles are for managers to…show more content…
The first thing would be the level of Consciousness they have for one another involving their knowledge and skills. Another attribute is the quality of their services and foods. Most of all, since I practice good eating habits, organic foods, and natural products this store is very appealing to me. Nevertheless, the products are great for the body and help promote a healthier lifestyle. I can say Whole Food store does a great job of delivering the best results when it comes to a better and healthier lifestyle. In addition, the care they have for each individual if uplifting. They believe in equal opportunities and pay for all. They feel like each of their employees should be treated with dignity and looked at as unique individuals. Whole Foods participates and believes in ethical practices that are very precise and knowledgeable about their outcomes. They are aware of these things through knowledge and the internal and external environment. Whole Foods also supports their community through donations and charitable events. Whole Foods marketing and branding of the company is very eye-catching. Whole Foods brands their employees to give excellent customer service and meaningful results when helping consumers (McCann, L. 2014). Although Whole Food is expensive, they also are a great store to shop at for making healthier
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