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Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion has sent shockwaves through our industry. Our share price has dropped 10%, and I'm certain we will continue to go red unless we find a way to adjust. We must strive to deliver outstanding value to our customers and our shareholders. In order to compete with Amazon, we must reshape the way we run our grocery sector in Target stores. Here are three things we can do to compete with Amazon: 1. Restructure our stores: The reason that Whole Foods sees so many customers each day is due to a host of reasons. For one, they work with a simple, yet visually appealing store layout. If we want to be able to compete with Whole Foods, we should restructure our stores in a way that “mimics” Whole…show more content…
Target truly is a one stop shop, however, a disadvantage of this is that customers will often purchase groceries, and then be limited to what they can do afterwards. If I purchase dairy and meat, I have to go home right afterwards to throw it in the fridge. Acquiring a company such as Shipt, which focuses on delivering groceries directly to customer homes would allow our customers to place an order and then have it delivered same day. This is why UberRUSH and PostMates are so popular in nature, it’s convenient for…show more content…
We need to bring fresh, new ideas to our plates. What better way to do this than hiring new personnel with extensive industry knowledge. I would strongly recommend head hunting individuals such as Mark Kenny and Liz Nordlie. Mark Kenny is currently serving Walmart as their Senior Director of Private Brand, Deli and Bakery. Mark has an extensive track record of delivering value to Walmart’s grocery sector, if we were to be able to hire Mark, I’m sure we would be able to solve our perishable goods issue, while shaking up one of our largest competitors, Walmart. Liz Nordlie currently serves as the VP of General Mills baking division. She was responsible for revenues of $2 billion last quarter. She has been serving different positions for General Mills since 1995. General Mills has grown by 326% since that time frame. If we could secure Liz, she would be able to grow our grocery sector significantly in the long run, and we would be able to work on improving our private label brands/ innovative ways considering that is what she has been doing at General

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