What Are Whole Foods Personality Characteristics

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With more 360 stores in multiple geographical locations and approximately $12 billion in annual sales, Whole Foods has proven that they know what it takes to be successful. Due to the business that Whole Foods are in, specializing in natural and organic food products among other products, it is crucial that their associates possess significant knowledge about the products within their area of responsibility.
As a result, training and associate learning is more important for Whole Foods in comparison to other grocery stores. In other grocery stores clerks are required to be friendly and courteous and basically know where specific products are located within the store. However, at Whole Foods, in addition to their associates being friendly and
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Personality is something that all of us possess within and remains relatively consistent and permanent throughout our lives. According to Davenport, 2017, “personality consists of the recurring patterns of thoughts, emotions, characteristics, and behaviors that make a person unique”.
The type of personality traits that are important for Whole Foods associates to possess to ensure continued organizational success include extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. While these traits are not necessarily in order of importance, extraversion is an important trait for associates to possess, as they meet and interact with new people. Openness provides willingness to try to learn new things and tackle new challenges. Agreeableness allows for empathy and compassion towards others and can result in the contribution of the happiness of
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Whole Foods takes advantage of motivational practices that include providing regular feedback to their employees and ensuring that their employees understand the different options available to them for growth, development, and progression within the organization. Whole Foods also offers various rewards and recognition for achieving specific goals and goals are set that are relative to the performance of the employee.
Whole Foods also motivate their staff by empowering them through involvement in the many decision-making process that not only pertain to decisions relating to the day-to-day operations within their responsible areas, but they are also involved in the interviewing and voting on weather a prospective job candidate is offered a position within the company.
Additionally, Whole Foods open communication and information policy where all aspects of the company’s financials and operational information is completely transparent and available to all company associates, provides the employees with a safe and non-threatening working environment that fosters high levels of motivation among their
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