Whole Foods Inc. Case Study Essay

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Whole Foods Inc. is specialized when it comes to offering natural and organic foods for consumers to purchase, but they operate like any other grocery store, carrying a variety of different products ranging from fresh produce and dairy products, to meats and dry foods. Whole Foods Inc. uses vertical integration by providing some of its own products, such as the 365 brand, and by educating it’s customer on the qualities of the products that they offer in the store. While Whole Foods Inc. only operates in the grocery and food supply industry, they do still allocate their resources. A majority of their profits go back into the local communities where they receive some of their products. They have also put money back into their stores by making…show more content…
While most of it has been implemented in the 365 stores, the stores are still in the beginning stages of their life cycle. It is hard to determine what effect the new upgrades have had on Whole Foods as of yet as they are still in the start up phases. When it is all said and done, it will provide Whole Foods with a comparative advantage over some of its competitors. Whole Foods Inc. has direct investments in international countries through the operation of Whole Foods Markets in already developed countries. Because they offer perishable products they are a sheltered industry. As of 2013 Whole Foods Inc. operated 8 stores in Canada and 7 in the United Kingdom. While operating internationally, the majority of their profits still comes from the US due to the large amount of stores built in the United States. Canada is considered one of the largest countries in the world, just second to Russia. Its population though is quite small compared to its size. The population of Canada was around 31million in the early 2000’s. Canada is connected to three different oceans, which are the Atlantic, Artic and the Pacific. The major products produced in Canada are minerals and natural resources such as gas. The only country it is bordered to is the United States.
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