Whole Foods Mission Statement

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Whole Food Company is known to sell quality organic foods to all its customers with great sustainability practices and quality consistently. Its mission and values to become a good corporate citizen have given importance to the interest and to its various stakeholders. Whole Food’s business involves all customers, employees, shareholders, communities, stakeholders, and suppliers to turn its mission into reality. Whole Food’s adoption of a stakeholder orientation has greatly influenced its techniques of operation in many ways. One of the ways by which Whole Foods adoption of stockholders orientation has helped the way it operates is through customer’s priority. According to the company’s mission statement “Whole Foods places the customer as a first priority. Whole Foods has adopted criteria such as the Whole Foods Trade Guarantee and the Eco-Scale Rating system to ensure that customers receive the highest in quality organic products.”(Caldwell, Turner, Sawayda, 2015) Customers are number one priority because of its high quality and organic food products. “Its 365…show more content…
Through regular medical check, medical allowances and facilities the company encourages a healthy lifestyle for its employees. “When executive pay has been highly criticized in proportion to employee salaries, Whole Foods has capped the pay of its executives at 19 times the average full-time salary for the firm.”(Caldwell, Turner, Sawayda, 2015) Whole Foods is committed to ensuring equality among employees and believes in giving considerable freedom when working in teams. Employees are encouraged to improve their skills through online courses because” When empowering its employees through teams, and education, Whole Foods can turn its workers into significant contributors of value for the company.”(Caldwell, Turner, Sawayda, 2015) The end goal is to focus on the employees to have happier customers, which means higher
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