Whole Foods Rebranding Campaign Analysis

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The rebranding campaign should not focus on natural and organic foods for various reasons. Whole Foods is no longer the only company that is promoting these values. Natural and organic foods are available everywhere, which can be seen at Walmart and Kroger. In essence the only difference among these brands is the price, which is usually more at Whole Foods and is what is currently affecting their financial performance. A branding campaign focusing on differentiators besides price is a good idea. Whole Foods is not going to win in a price battle in the long term, which is also stated in the article Better Buy: Whole Foods Market vs. Kroger written by Brian Stoffel, “it would harm them unless they lower the bar on their product criteria… which…show more content…
This would give a valid reason to the high prices that Whole Foods and to show the audience that price and quality go together. Target rebranding campaign should focus on these things that make Whole Foods unique. This would establish the connection to the consumers that in order to have quality and uniqueness, one must have the prices to support this. An example of is that, no one handles produce better than Whole Foods. Also according to Andrew Patterson in his article called Whole Foods ' Organic Capitalism he states that “there is no a current supermarket chain that has an effective decentralized system” This allows Whole Foods to be flexible enough to buy small lots of locally produced food. As a result While Foods has the ability to gain many exclusive products and has established an effective system regarding to their premade foods. Currently Whole Foods stores are destinations for lunch and dinner, which can be seen in the article called The Un-Marketing And Re-Marketing Of Whole Foods written by Joe Debrow, “Contrary to the popular belief Whole Foods has various good deals and prices to be found at Whole Foods” Target should expand on Whole Foods "ready to eat" section in their re branding campaign and it should be heavily capitalize. Whole Foods 365 stores could solely focus on that with a mix of frozen, refrigerated, and fresh prepared meals to go. This is unorthodox of what other grocery stores currently

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