Whole Foods Strategic Review

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Strategic Review Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market is a company that deals with the supply and retail of natural and organic foods and grocery. It has one operating segment of natural and organic foods supermarkets. This company started operations on 15th August 1980, and it has been offering the best services since then. By 29th September 2013, it had 362 stores operating in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom (Bernhardt, Mays & Hall, 2012). The company’s offices get support from its headquarters, regional offices, bakehouse facilities, and distribution centers. It also has commissionary kitchens, produce and meat procurement centers, and seafood processing facilities, among others. This company offers a market of natural…show more content…
It is also a mission-driven company that aims at setting the standards of excellence for food retailers. They want to build an organization whose high standards permeate all aspects of the enterprise. They perceive quality as the state of mind in their organizations. It also has a vision to reach far beyond just being a food retailer. They measure their success in customer satisfaction, team member happiness and excellence return on their investment, and its support for the local and the larger community (Deru, Doebber & Hirsch, 2013). The main areas that the firm concentrates on are quality output, excellent standards for food retailers, high-quality standards in all areas of operations and a quality state of mind. We can, therefore, conclude that Whole Foods Markets mission statement emphasizes on the organizational output, and therefore, they have quality products. They also focus on the industry and positioning of the market. These values set the standards of quality and excellence. The company also emphasizes on organizational culture and its customer 's health, and these values make the organization’s state of…show more content…
Among these competitors is the Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM). The Boney family members own SFM. The founders opened the first food store in Arizona in the year 2002 (Rothaermel, 2015). This store has undergone rapid growth because it has acquired many stores. On the other hand, Sprouts Farmers Market runs more than 165 stores in eight states. This company is a viable competitor of Whole Foods Market because its best selling products are fresh and organic products, just like Whole Foods Market offers. Another factor that makes it more competitive than Whole Foods Market is because its products come at a reasonable price. Another competitor of World Foods Market is Trader Joe’s, which is a private business that started its operations as convenience stores in 1958 (Rothaermel, 2015). Most of its best selling products are raw, organic, and natural consumer goods. The reason why it gives competition to Whole Foods Market is that most of its products are similar, and they are cheaper than those of Whole Foods Market. Trader Joe’s has been in operation for a long time and. Therefore, it is more popular in its areas than Whole Foods Market. COSTCO Wholesale Corporation is another company that gives competition to Whole Foods market. The main feature that makes it a viable competitor is because it is the nation’s largest
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