Who's Afraid Of Ai Weiwei Analysis

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Ai Weiwei - Interviewed by Sophie Cottrill Admired throughout the world for his amazing artwork and fearless politics, Ai Weiwei is the subject of the fascinating new documentary ‘Who’s afraid of Ai Weiwei’. Born in Beijing China in 1957 Ai Weiwei has led an amazingly courageous and creative life as the most politically outspoken artist in China today. His willingness to confront social issues across a broad range of media, including twitter, has led to him spending time in Chinese prisons for his beliefs. I am lucky enough to have the chance to speak with this unique and inspiring man. Your life has been documented in film and is being viewed all over the world. How does that make you feel? What was it like growing up for you, being banished to the edge of the Gobi dessert?…show more content…
Once my father was accused of being a rightest we were sent away to remote labour camps which the authorities called “re-education through labour”. My family and I lived in an underground pit, we were so desperate we ate butchers discarded sheep hooves for more nutrition. I stayed there until I was 19 years old. We were allowed to return to Beijing at the end of the Cultural Revolution when Chairman Mao died in 1976. When we moved back I enrolled at the cities’ film academy. What led to you becoming an activist and artist? I don’t see myself as an activist. I see my struggle as my responsibility to stand up to an unfair government. I belong to a society that has no freedom of speech. I started getting into antique collecting, then architecture, but it was in 2005 that I discovered the internet. It really opened up a new universe for me. My artworks and the internet allow me to express my thoughts and feelings of the injustices in China today. The internet gives me a sense of belonging and an outlet for my thoughts. I hear you’ve been a big hit on the internet, tell me more about
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