Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf Character Analysis

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“You’re a blank, a cipher… a zero.” (Albee, 1962, p.18). With these words, Martha the main character in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” showed her husband, George, that he was nothing. Edward Albee, the writer of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” talked mainly about Martha and George who pretend to have different identities just in order not to face reality. Moreover, Arthur Miller, the author of “A View from the Bridge” presented the idea of identity in a different way. Miller used the character Eddie to show how people’s identities are constantly changing due to some changes in their lives. Modern playwrights question the idea of a definite identity.
Edward Albee questions the idea of a definite identity through his character, Martha. At the beginning, Martha appeared to be a strong woman who used to make fun of her husband, George. As shown in act one when Martha and George came back from college party; Martha informed George that they have guests coming over. Therefore George complained about Martha springing things on him all time. Then Martha made fun of him: “poor Georgie-Porgie, put upon pie! Aww…what are you doing? Are you sulking?”(Albee, 1962, p15).Moreover, while talking George told his wife to reduce drinking and to stay on her feet since she is alcoholism. But Martha insulted George by telling him that she does not care for what he is saying. Martha “I can’t even see you…I haven’t been able to see you for years…” (Albee, 1962, p18).Martha took the identity
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