Who's Crazy Here Anyway Doerr Analysis

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From the time that electronics were introduced to humans we have been habituated with using electronics in place of real life interaction and relationships. Our devices have become artificial companions that we can appreciate more since our relationship with our device is much more probable and meticulous. This new wave of technology has trained us to live in a secluded way and to accept substitutes for real face to face human interaction, so don’t be surprised that you’re checking your mail on the way into the wilderness. In Doerr’s essay he talks about how his subconscious that he refers to as “Z” is constantly pestering him to use his device to check his email or browse the web any chance he gets. He discusses that he frequently checks his email throughout the day because “Z” is pestering him to. Today, for most people, it requires an effort of will to be without an electronic companion. We are entirely unfamiliar with being totally alone and without devices. When reading through Doerr’s essay he discusses the way it makes you feel when you get a new type of interaction through your device. He suggests that every time you receive a new message of some sort that dopamine is shot through your brain causing an excited rush. As humans we tend to respond to these feelings causing us to become completely addicted to not only the information we can access on our electronic devices but also the way it makes us feel when we get information sent to us as well. This article also touches on the fact that we tend to be unable to refrain from checking a text or email when we know we received…show more content…
It is important as millennials to not get caught in the whirlwind of technology which can cause them to miss out on human interaction that is vital to our health and growth as
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