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Taking Sides: Who’s Raising Baby? In a world where we are constantly juggling busy schedules, parents face many challenges regarding what activities to involve their children in, when to get them involved, and how rigorously to push them to excel. Anne R. Pierce discusses her opinion on these challenges in her article “Who’s Raising Baby? Challenges to Modern-Day Parenting.” The purpose of this paper is to identify three weaknesses in the research of the article and one strength, as well as provide an opinion on the argument.
In “Who’s Raising Baby?,” Anne R. Pierce compared the relaxed childhoods of the past to the current expectation for children to be heavily involved in many activities at a young age, believing that children
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She quotes David Elkind from Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk to make several points. This allows the reader to be confident in the fact that she is citing reliable and credible sources. When sources are not cited, it is hard to tell where they came from and cannot be trusted as a valid source and the reader would wonder if the argument was credible. If the reader is familiar with a source, they are able to apply their previous knowledge about the person or article to help them make judgements on the validity as the…show more content…
I was forced into dance as a young child and hated it, so I am wary about conforming to making my children do things they have no interest in simply because other parents are doing it to their children. I realize that my personal experience with dance as a child is not a very valid source because all children are different. Just because I had a negative experience with it does not mean that other children who were forced to do something outside of their comfort zone did not discover that it was something they loved to do, leading to a lifelong passion. If I wanted to strengthen this source, I could look into finding research done on children in similar circumstances to me and see if I can generalize my experience to a broader population.
In this paper I discussed three weaknesses and a strength of the article “Who’s raising baby?” by Anne R. Pierce and provided my opinion of the issue. Critical thinking is so vital in reading articles because it helps us distinguish possible flaws in reasoning rather than just blindly accepting the opinion of the writer, who could be manipulating information to present the argument in an incorrect way. Critical thinking gives us the tools we need to make informed judgements about an argument and form our own opinions

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