Whoso Pulleth Out This Sword Of This Stone Analysis

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In the story Wart and Kay were walking in the forest when they encountered a seven foot tall giant by the name of Little John. He brought them to the camp of a man named Robin Hood. There, Robin tells Wart and Kay that one of his men, Friar Truck, had been kidnapped and asks if the would be willing to help. He had been kidnapped by Morgan le Fay, the queen of fairies who had also captured a servant of Sir Ector 's and a village idiot named Wat. Wart and Kay agree to rescue the three men. Before Wart and Kay go on Robin hands the a small knife the will protect them because fairies are afraid of iron. Robin also tells them not to eat anything, because if they do so they will be trapped there forever. That night Wart and Kay go to the fairy castle…show more content…
It all began when King Uther Pendragon had died without an heir. He had left a sword in a stone that on it were engraved the words, “Whoso Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England.” A tournament was held so that men from throughout all of England would gather around and try to pull out the sword. On the day of the tournament an hour before it would begin Kay wanted to practice by doing a bit of jousting at the jousting area, and when he arrives he realizes that he forgot his sword at the inn, so he sends Wart to fetch it for him. When Wart gets to the inn it is closed; but by a nearby church he sees a sword in a stone in front of it. He made two unsuccessful attempts and suddenly sees a congregation of his old animal friends. With their encouragement he pulls out the sword with ease. When Wart returns to Kay he hands him the special sword and Kay realizes that it 's the one from the stone that will determine the future king of England. Kay then calls over Sir Ector and tells him that he is holding the sword from the stone. Sir Ector takes Kay and Wart back to the church and asks Kay if he had pulled it out from the stone. Kay then admits that it wasn 't him who pulled out the sword, and that it was Wart. At that moment Sir Ector and Kay kneel before
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