Why A Book Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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I think that students should choose because it can help them in these ways. The book would be more pleasurable . They can understand the book better, and the teacher will not have to read it again. These reasons will help with the kids love of English, also ensuring that the kid will have fun too. The students can choose a book that is more enjoyable for the class to read. The students can diversify into the book a lot quicker thus keeping them more engaged in the book. Kid’s would entertained and enjoy it. Also, if the students pick a certain book it will keep them more interested. Also, the students will like their book more than they will also do the work for the book. Since they are interested in the book the more students will do their work.…show more content…
Students can fathom the book and thus do better on the test and other work. Understanding the book is key to doing all the work right. That 's why understanding the book is important.Students will not have trouble reading the book if they understand it. The teacher won’t have to read the book over and over again.The teacher would also like the book and adore it along with the students. The teacher could like the book so that she/he might do it for the other classes. She/he wouldn’t have to read the same book.The teacher does not have to read the same book again and again. In conclusion, I think that students should choose for these reasons, and I think that they should choose their book to get the best understanding of the English reading. To get the book they love they will also have to choose, and it is important that the kids not only learn but also have fun. Finally doing all their work so, that they can ensure that they get an A on their report
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