Why A College Education Is Important Essay

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Why is college very important for a successful career? How can you get the best job opportunities? Do you want to earn high income and better benefits for job? All these questions reading potential reasons to go to college is huge investment, national and international prestige. A higher education degree is perceived as extremely necessary to get a better job. Every person is challenged in the race of life. Many have succeeded and finished the race, but what really is at the end of every obstacle course? Even though, there are some people who succeed without a college degree. Having a degree gives a person the best job opportunities, higher income, and good wages. College degree is essential to get the best job opportunities. College education is a great tool for people to enhance themselves. Due to saturated labor market condition, many employees require applicants to have a college education. In particular, college offer…show more content…
Getting a college degree can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, there is no guarantee of success. It is a pretty risky investment. Many business people decide to start their own businesses without a college education. Actually, today there are plenty of people who obtain a college degree but cannot find work. Society needs people to fill all kinds of roles. People who might not be able to afford going to college nor have any interest in going to college do the things they love even without the aid of an education. Despite, college educated people are unlikely to be unemployed. And having a degree is not just about economic advantages. People with college degrees have more potential to be satisfied with their jobs. Furthermore, they are more possible to read to their children, which helps their kids be better prepared for school then other children. People with degrees are also healthier. there are some people insist for get a college degree and others prefer to be success without college
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