Why A College Education Should Be Free Essay

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Most people want to further their education after high school and get the most knowledge they can receive, however college tuition in America is super expensive and is drastically rising. Nearly 40 million Americans have student loans and the total amount of student loan debt in the United States adds up to $1.2 trillion (Berman). The fact of the matter is that since a college education is out of the financial reach for many bright students and their families many young people have been turned down from reaching their full potential because of tuition costs. This is one of many reasons why a college education should be free for all students who complete high school. I will be talking about how more students gaining a college education can help society and the country, why a college degree is more important in todays age than ever, and why the large amount of student debt that is owed is…show more content…
This, however, is not entirely true. There are many factors that come into play with college and Pell grants so not everyone is on an even playing field with Pell grants. Some factors might benefit you and others can limit your eligibility. Another point why Pell grants can’t be a reason to justify why college shouldn’t be free is because they can only be presented to students who are enrolled in certain baccalaureate programs and only in certain colleges, so that can definitely cut many students from being eligible for grants. For these reasons it shows that Pell grants cannot be a valid reason why college shouldn’t be free because there are many factors that take part in how much money you can receive and if you are even eligible to receive
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