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Abortion, Why Not to Abort If you are asking if abortion is the right thing to do, then ask yourself this. Is committing murder the right thing to do? The answer is no. You should never abort a child because of these reasons. First of all you are committing a murder, it may not be considered murder under the law but in my point of view it is. Another reason abortion is wrong is because It offends God by saying that he or she is not good enough to be apart of this world. Another reason abortion is wrong is because it can be both mentally and physically unsafe for the mother. Dr. Seuss once said that “a person's a person no matter how small.” So by aborting a baby you are killing a person and how is that no different from murder. There is no different. You are making a mental decision to kill someone and that someone is your own baby. We were once in our mother’s womb even though we don’t remember. While in our mother's womb we did not have any choice to do anything but what if your mother's decided to abort you, then you would've never came into…show more content…
Have you heard of the slippery slope? It’s exactly what it sounds like it is. You allow an argument to slide and then you keep on letting arguments slide off the slope. Eventually you have conceded every single argument. Let me explain in terms of abortion. Once we let people think that abortion is ok, they will think that killing born babies will be ok also, then eventually murder may even be justified. There will be no end to the future arguments that will be created if we concede this point. And if we do concede this point, what will stop us from continually conceding. Absolutely nothing. For these reason abortion is wrong and things like adoption should be considered before abortion. By aborting a child, you are killing him or her and taking away their fair chance to play the game of

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