Why Abraham Lincoln Won The Civil War

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Once upon a time, there was a president named Abraham Lincoln. He lived in the North. Southern didn’t like Abraham Lincoln. Out of madness, 7 southern states broke apart from the Union. Lincoln, the leader of the union, was angry. People of the union were sad and thought the union will fall apart because the 7 southern states left. The Confederates began capturing federal mint, and army outpost. Then the confederates attacked Fort Sumter. This started the Civil war. Lincoln was mad because the confederates destroyed fort Sumter. Abraham ordered 75000 to stop the confederates from attacking. The union had over 22 million people that could support the army. But the south only has 6 million. Union troops started the war in Virginia. Abraham…show more content…
Lincoln then called for George B. McClellan. He has much more hope for him. Lincoln also thought the soldiers were not trained so he set and highly trained soldiers. Then as time come McClellan went into battle and overestimated the confederate’s troop and couldn’t attack. Lincoln was even more disappointed and couldn’t stand his troop. Lincoln sent McClellan to the capital of the Confederates. His troop waited outside of Richmond waiting for the Confederates. Robert E. Lee SO came with him, troops. Robert E. Lee attacked 7-days straight known as the Seven Days’ Battles. The battle forced the Union to retreat. Lincoln was even madder and order General John Pope to go to Richmond. Confederate general Jackson waited for him and when the union came they attacked this battle was known as the Second Battle of Bull Run. Union was defeated by confederates again. Lincoln soon have no faith in his troops. Union was going to confederate hideout and found how lee separated his troop. McClellan refuse to attack and went back to union territory. They met the Confederates and started the war. This battle was called the Battle of Antietam. It was the bloodiest single battle in the civil…show more content…
Fighting in the Civil War spreads to the western United States. In the early morning of April 6, 1862, the rebels sprang on Grant’s sleepy camp. This began the Battle of Shiloh, in which the union army gained more control of the Mississippi River valley. During the bloody two-day battle, each side gained and lost ground. Johnston was killed on the 1st day. The arrival of the Ohio force helped Grant take back their territory and push the enemy back into Mississippi. The armies finally gave all they got, each with about 100,000 casualties.
The Siege of Vicksburg is perched on 200 feet high cliffs above the Mississippi River, the city could drain firepower on intruding ships or on soldiers to scale the cliffs. Farragut’s One of the major people of the Civil War was Clara Barton. Also worried about the effects of the emancipation. Finally, for many weeks in 1862 Lincoln finally passed the Emancipation Proclamation. As more people die in the war, the Union was in desperate need for troops. African Americans were ready to volunteer. Not all white northerners were agreeing to accept them, but they had to reaching the city
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