Why African American Children Are Homeschooled

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Throughout the course of time, it was common amongst white American students to be homeschooled. Now, despite the fact that any sort of racial segregation or discrimination is illegal, many African-American kids are being homeschooled since they suffer from such actions. In contrast, white children are homeschooled for completely different reasons. The main reasons why African-American families tend to homeschool their children are because of: Eurocentric curriculum and teacher’ attitudes, racial stereotypes, and harsh school punishments. Firstly, parents believe that the schools throughout the world are promoting European ethnocentrism. African-American parents fear that their child is being brainwashed into thinking that the only right way…show more content…
The United States of America, a multiethnic state, is a home to people of all backgrounds. America appreciates other people’s differences; anyone can be an American citizen, no matter their nationality, race, ethnicity or culture. Within America there are fourteen predominate races some of which are: white, black, American Indian, Asian Indian, and Chinese. No matter how many different races there are within the world, the biggest amount of tension is between the white and black race. Racism is widespread throughout the world, especially within the school system. African-American parents believe that their children are being set up to fail. European ethnocentrism is delineated when there is a lack of curriculum regarding African-American’s achievements in history and culture. Additionally, racial stereotypes ingrained in teachers negatively impact African-American students. This prejudice deplete black students chances of success. Another false and incorrect stereotype that black students endure is that they're all criminal’s. They compose a large percent of the total number of suspensions, since many racist administrators are quick to incriminate and disenfranchise children. If this racism amongst white and black races does not cease, the United States of America might suffer from balkanization, similar to the events of the Civil…show more content…
People that are racist ion todays day, or even in the past, have their beliefs due to their upbringing. People don't know better because they do not comprehend what they're doing is unethical. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act made discrimination amongst people of different nationalities, races, ethnicities and cultures, even today it still remains an ongoing problem. Police brutality, for example, in Ferguson delineates racism in todays day. Michelle Brown, an African-American, eighteen year old was unarmed, but was still shot by a white police officer. Demonstrations in the city and throughout the country were further fueled by a grand jury's failure to indict Officer Darren Wilson and an extremely critical Justice Department report that exposed deeply implanted discrimination in the practices of the Ferguson police and courts. Personally, I find stories such as Ferguson or black homeschooling appalling. No child should be unable to enjoy the experience of public school due to their race. Although no one is forcing the black race to be homeschooled, with the conditions the children have to endure, it is only opportunity they have an unprejudiced education. In history, people are intolerant of other groups because of their physical or cultural differences such as one’s skin color or religion. No matter how much people try to decrease racism, and

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