Why Do African Americans Vote Democratic

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Why is it that African Americans vote Democratic? The Africans Americans have a history of being associated with both the Republican and Democratic Parties in the United States. The majority of Blacks populace in the United States considered themselves as Republicans after the Civil War. President Lincoln Republican Party supported the abolition of slavery. However, the Democrats in the south opposed any rights of the African Americans. The African Americans were not allowed to official attend the Convention of the Democratic up until the year 1924. However, in the present society, the majority of Africans vote democratic. There is a wide array of reasons to support this point of view. Things started to change during the 1930s Great Depression with the New Deal brought forward by Franklin
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President JF Kennedy proposed and later on President Johnson signed the 1964 Civil rights that banned public discrimination (Gillion, Ladd, and Meredith, 2). Although the black Americans who are largely prosperous and have never were harmed significantly by racism in their lives have a tendency of associating with the Democratic Party. Individuals who are doing poorly in economic terms have a tendency of welcoming the short terms assistance that help them. As such the majority of the black Americans vote for the Democratic Party even if they would benefit more from adopting a philosophy that is more conservative (Hinson, 5). The Democratic Party is usually on the same page with the majority of the African American on gay marriage and abortion amongst many others. The majority of the African Americans also agree with the conservative point of view on immigration, illegal, school choice, and supporting the emerging business (Bouie, 4). As such, they tend to vote for them on major
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