Why America Failed By The New Deal?

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The Great Depression was a dark time for America. The depression started when the stock market crashed. On an everyday basis people struggled to get basic needs like food. People also struggled to get jobs, because so many companies had no money to hire. At this time, Herbert Hoover was president. He was under the impression that the depression would solve itself, and did little to nothing to solve it. Then, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) was elected into our office as president. Once FDR became president, things started to look up for America. He created a solution, The New Deal. The New Deal was made of many solutions. FDR believed that in order to help the depression move along he would have to create many solutions. When one failed, FDR would move on. The New Deal was successful because FDR created jobs for millions, and solved America’s bank crisis.…show more content…
Everyone had daily struggles to simply stay alive. People lost all their money because banks closed! Companies were not hiring anyone because they couldn’t afford to pay them. This was a constant cycle of poverty. To fix this issue, FDR established Works Progress Administration (WPA). This was used to benefit unemployment. The WPA created 8 million jobs! The WPA put the jobless to work. It also hired many artistic people! For example they hired artists to paint murals. It also helped extend the public work programs. Finally, the WPA created millions of miles of roads. They accomplished this by hiring people to build roads. This was beneficial for America because it transported goods to people in need. This was also phenomenal because it helped control unemployment. This contributed to making the New Deal successful because it solved some of the unemployment issues, and put money into American’s pockets. It provided people with jobs, and supplied money to buy basic needs. Overall, it helped our economy move in a positive

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