Why America Is A Beautiful Place

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Once you reach a certain age, you begin to understand the world around you, and you discover that it is a far more complicated place than you had previously imagined. When you reach this point in your life, whenever it may be, it is important to have a kind of safety net, something to fall back on despite the complexity of our world. This is what I want my country to be: a place of good people with clear values, people who are kind to their fellow citizens despite their differences and views, who are not intimidated by things that they can be stronger than. Sometimes, it may feel as though we have lost these key American values, for each day another person turns against those around them, or another threat is made against our country. This is why we are so essential to our…show more content…
We have proven we can overcome great challenges before, and I know we will again. This is our future, to make the America we all believe in. We will continue the dream of safety and strength, of freedom and prosperity and create a world that each and every one of us can live in. I hope that we can all come to see this one day, that despite its flaws, despite its mistakes, despite some of its people, our country is a beautiful place. Around the world, people are being denied freedoms, they are being denied clean air, they are being denied life. In Africa, starving children are wandering the streets and families are struggling to get enough food to live. In Syria, people are in the midst of a brutal civil war, something we have learned to rise above. Some countries are tearing at the seams, and the integrity of our country says something about our morals and our people. We have an ability to change, something other people 's lack. We have come to accept diversity, we have learned to change the rules. We will continue this legacy of change until we solve the problems of the world. This is the America I believe
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