Why America Is Important To Me Essay

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While the nation of America gives me every opportunity to strive for success, I often times take my freedoms in this country for granted. As the great JFK once stated, instead of asking what my country can do for me, I must ask myself what I can do for my country. I must get in this mindset and fulfill my basic responsibilities to America, because only then can I live in peace and prosperity. I am not legally an adult, yet I am still bounded by the law just like any other American citizen. I don’t get to participate in voting elections and be on jury duty, but I am still a crucial part of the American society. One of the main responsibilities to America is to follow the laws set by the Congressmen elected by the people. If I follow the laws, I not only keep myself from getting in danger, I prevent law enforcement members and other authority figures from suffering a terrible fate. If I don’t follow one simple law such as…show more content…
This right of American citizens to vote for their next president is a major duty that is given to them with the intent that they will vote for the candidate who will best lead the country. Unfortunately, many people in today’s time don’t spend time researching the presidential candidates and decide which one’s view most aligns with theirs. While I can’t vote this year, I need to learn about the present and possibly future leaders of the United States anyways. Even though my vote personally won’t play a part in who becomes president (because I won’t even have a vote), my thoughts and voice surely can. I better informed I am about a candidate, the better I can educate the American citizens on the presidential candidates and encourage them to vote for the man or woman who embodies the true American spirit of hard work and
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