Why America Is Important To You

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Why is America the way it is today ? It is because of the great individuals that strive to better their lives so that they can become successful and hopefully make something out of themselves. People should strive for the better because it is a way for you to make a name for yourself so they you can make a difference in the world , become rich and successful , and advance technology so that one day you can solve many world problems like cancer, diabetes, and aids. The world is flawed in many ways,but is our job to better ourselves so that we can mold the world into a place where it is equal. You have to make a name for yourself if you ever want to impact the world and change it to your liking. An example of this is Martin Luther King Jr. He was born a black man with no political connections, but he galvanized the black community to help him end slavery once and for all. He has earned a name for himself and will be forever remembered in history. There are a lot of people affected by diseases in the world, and at time some diseases can be fatal. Currently we do not have the intelligence to get rid of these diseases,so we can only hope that one day we will have the technology to do so. Millions of people are dying every year to cancer, diabetes ,and aids, but we have yet to find a cure of them. So that is why the world needs intelligent…show more content…
Now some people might say that money is not the key to happiness. But it is not absolutely a bad thing. Most divorces happen because of the lack of money, therefore if you strive to better yourself you too can live a life without anything to worry
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