Why Americans Love Jessie James, A Folk Hero

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Americans love Jessie James because of his adventures. The man is known to rebel against the society and became a folk hero. It started in mid-1860 when journalists of a time were keen to entertain the Easterners by the Wild West tales which were full of thrill, crime, suspense, horror or romance. Jessie James was touted as a contemporary Robin Hood of America because he said that he steals from rich and give it to poor. He was fantasized by those who want to live the adventurous life like him. People relished to learn about the stories of outlaws, criminals like Jessi James and consider them as heroic. The common myth about Jessie James portrays him as a kind man with prankish charmer and a murderer, thief, a gangster and terrorist who is being loved by the people. No one did know yet why Jessie was admired is it his flamboyant gang or his adventurous life. One of the reasons he was loved is because he steals from rich and gives to poor.…show more content…
However, the fact is Jessie James with his gang robbed from everyone the poor, the rich. Especially if they were on a train they were likely to be robbed. Another myth was Jessie was cold blooded and killed people without any reason the fact was Jessie only killed people who came into his way he never killed anyone without any reason. There could be many reasons behind why these myths are myths. One of the reasons which I understood is that people created such myths because they want to portray Jessie James a violent, a kind and a heroic man who killed people and loved by them at the same time. By exaggerating his character people made it amusing and flamboyant which is fantasized by people even
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