Why Americans Won T Do Dirty Jobs Analysis

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America is at an impasse with itself over the current unemployment rate and questions about where all the jobs are going. According to Elizabeth Dwoskin, most of these job positions, considered dirty, are being filled by immigrants and not Americans. Americans have found themselves in an uproar about migrant workers taking jobs away from them, but it seems they are hypocritical as they refuse to fill these jobs themselves. In her article “Why Americans Won 't Do Dirty Jobs,” Dwoskin implies that Americans are too lazy to do hard work but complain when immigrants fill these positions. It seems that even when Americans are faced with the threat of homelessness they claim they cannot find any jobs, or rather, they refuse to do the dirty ones. Even though the jobs suggested are not ideal, they still need to be filled. According to Dwoskin 's article, 211,000 people are unemployed in the state of Alabama, not because there is no work available, but because they choose not to apply for the jobs available. Americans claim to have higher standards, regarding hourly wages and working conditions and would rather leave it to someone else. But because of certain laws that have been enacted in America, these immigrants are unable to fill these jobs.…show more content…
The reason why many Americans refuse to take these jobs is that they are low paying and tedious. They would rather do minimal amounts of work for higher pay in the comfort of an office space rather than pick fruits, packaging food, or work at a steel mill. To quote Dwoskins article “Why Americans Won 't do Dirty Jobs,” Dwoskin states “Americans won’t fill them, thus, Americans are too soft.” This may not be entirely true, but according to unemployment rates and desperate employers, it might
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